Kamala Retreat House | Labyrinth Ceremonies
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Labyrinth Ceremonies

Soulful Labyrinth Ceremonies

Whether you want a one-on-one healing walk or a group walk to celebrate a special occasion, whether you want to walk under the full moon or walk with your colleagues as a teambuilding experience, Terry de Vries facilitates your labyrinth walk to suit your needs.


You can walk a labyrinth to let go of the past, heal grief or trauma, cope with a divorce, resolve conflict, work with an issue or answer specific questions. The therapy session includes an inner journey meditation.


  • 1,5 – 2/hrs
  • R650

Full/New Moon


This is a group event and includes a shamanic drum healing.


  • 1,5 – 2/hrs
  • R150 p/person



Invite friends and family to walk with you on your special day. They then bestow blessings on you in the centre.


  • 1,5 – 2/hrs
  • R850

Rights of Passage/ Transitions


A rite of passage ceremony provides you with the support and understanding to take on and integrate the deeper meaning of these life changing experiences and make them sacred and profound life events. Coming of age, pregnancy, childbirth, name blessing, changes in job or location, significant illness, loss – these are all natural times for ceremonies of transition.


  • 1,5 – 2/hrs
  • R850



As a wedding is such an important ceremony in your life, you can walk together into your future, leaving the past behind while guests can witness or walk together for a memorable event and bestow their blessings on the couple in the centre.


  • 2 – 3/hrs
  • R3500 (using existing labyrinth)
  • R8500 (if building a temporary labyrinth, excluding transport costs)

Funerals/ Wakes


Offering a meaningful way to deal with emotions and celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed over. People can share their memories and give their condolences in the centre to the family.


  • 1,5 – 2/hrs
  • R1500



A labyrinth can be used for team building, brainstorming, goal setting, helping to
formulate a vision for the future, or creatively develop and plan a new product/brand/project. It can also provide some creative fun during a conference. Using existing or temporary labyrinths, or using the team to build a labyrinth.

Building a Labyrinth Retreat


It is a magical experience to physically build a labyrinth. And what better way to get a labyrinth on your property than to organize a retreat where friends and acquaintances can come and help you build it. In the process you learn how to create a sacred space, how to work with earth energies, how to clear a space energetically, how to dowse, how to call in the help of spirit guides and how to anchor the labyrinth. We will sit in circle to discuss whatever comes up and do mandala art to integrate the process. I facilitate this locally and abroad.


  • 2 – 5 days, depending on the site, size and materials used.